Friday, March 20, 2009

QVI Club XchangeWorld

Make your dream vacation come true through QVI Club Xchange World Vacation Package and enjoy the exclusive privileges to a great holiday.

Xchange World Vacation Package includes one or two weeks vacation with superb accommodation with your family or friends, for up to four persons. Register now and sit back, relax and enjoy a hassle-free escapade while QVI’s reservation staffs handle all those too important travel arrangement details.

Leading you to a new dimension of lifestyle, QVI Club is your passport to a world of long guaranteed personalized holiday at today’s prices. QVI Club gives every member the most of what he hopes for in a holiday – premium quality accommodation, impeccable personal service and unique travel experiences are always its top priority. With QVI Club, being a member means receiving countless premium benefits for you and your loved ones.

XchangeWorld provides a selection of guaranteed check-in weeks/units at your preferred locations/destinations for you to choose from on a frequent basis. XchangeWorld offers check-in date choices across all seasonality. There are equal weeks/units on offer that spread out from peak to low seasons and not just during low seasons.

XchangeWorld Xplore Packages

XchangeWorld Xplore I & II

For every traveller, happiness means being able to travel the world to that perfect holiday destination. Whatever your dream vacation is, XchangeWorld has something to offer for everyone.

With the new XchangeWorld Xplore packages, choose to stay at any of the nearly 3,000 XchangeWorld affiliated resorts worldwide with your family and loved ones.

XchangeWorld XTRA

XchangeWorld is a continuously exploring new and XTRA ways to benefit QVI Club members because after all, our loyal members deserve a little XTRA from us.

One of our objectives is to expand the number of members' benefits hence we are pleased to announce the introduction of XchangeWorld Xtra which gives you the added advantage of taking XTRA vacations at rock bottom prices!

XchangeWorld Xtra is an Xtra vacation week at various destinations worldwide, offered at competitive prices. All QVI Club members are eligible to enjoy this new benefit over and above their yearly membership entitlement with no additional xchange fee or usage fee !

What’s more, you can even gift XchangeWorld Xtra to your family, friends and loved ones by simply obtaining a Guest Certificate.

Tips for easy holiday planning

Request early. Avoid last minute request. The sooner you request an Exchange, the more opportunities we have to make a great match.

Be flexible with your dates, location and unit size. As a rule of thumb, your Xchange request will be fulfilled more quickly when you let us know which areas you are interested in, as well as your travel dates.

XchangeWorld Xperiences

Vacations always brim with memories worth sharing, be they funny, embarrassing, exhilarating or heart-warming. Whenever you go on holiday with the QVI Club, there are always great stories which beg to be shared!

The testimonials featured in this section were sent by our members whom wanted to share their QVI Club holiday experience as a significant inspiration to others.

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